Absurd Love

Carl and I were not thinking about Valentine’s Day when we decided to host a joint 60th birthday party in early February. We had in mind a spoof on Charleston’s annual Southeast Wildlife Expo: Come go wild with us and wear a mask and your best leopard skin duds…

Image And I wanted to have an artists’ salon of sorts, modeled after the Surrealists  (my birthday gift to myself).  Our friends are very indulgent.  Here they are making collages.

ImageThere were 3 projects to choose from (more on this later).  One was to write some responses to a sequence of drawings I made about a sleeper, his dog (wolf or fox) Blue, and the Boo Hag.  (You can learn more about the Boo Hag from an earlier post).


After carefully transcribing their literary offerings, I scribbled and painted on the paper and cut it up to make collages.

Here they are.






Rich texture, not legibility, was my original goal. I usually don’t place words strategically in a picture. A few fragments of text are visible here and there, and on the last image you can pretty clearly make out “Wake up” in the background and “love” on the sleeper’s back.  This is just where they fell.

So—I guess this must be the tale of a guy whose canine friend fights off the Boo Hag, allowing him to get his mojo back (hopefully he turns some color other than pink, in the process).  I may have to write a story to go with it, based on our friends’ commentary.

Pretty absurd, and sweeter than usual for me, but Happy Valentine’s Day!


About Lillian-Trettin

I grew up in the Appalachian "Bible Belt" of East Tennessee in the southern United States, listening to banjo music and gospel lyrics as well as the Beatles. As a kid, I was curious about religious rituals like speaking in tongues and snake handling but resistant to the fundamentalist thinking they involved. Flannery O'Connor's tales of religious fanatics, con men, bigots, and the spiritually bereft or ambivalent resonate for me. Despite having traveled widely and lived in other places, I am (as so many Southerners claim to be) permanently "South haunted." I returned to making art full time in 2011, following a career as a teacher, researcher, and consultant and after raising two sons. I’m convinced the delay enriched rather than impeded my growth as an artist.
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1 Response to Absurd Love

  1. Beth Hannabass says:

    I like the collages a lot. Great results.

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