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I grew up in the Appalachian "Bible Belt" of East Tennessee in the southern United States, listening to banjo music and gospel lyrics as well as the Beatles. As a kid, I was curious about religious rituals like speaking in tongues and snake handling but resistant to the fundamentalist thinking they involved. Flannery O'Connor's tales of religious fanatics, con men, bigots, and the spiritually bereft or ambivalent resonate for me. Despite having traveled widely and lived in other places, I am (as so many Southerners claim to be) permanently "South haunted." I returned to making art full time in 2011, following a career as a teacher, researcher, and consultant and after raising two sons. I’m convinced the delay enriched rather than impeded my growth as an artist.

The Story of Two Storytellers

The framing device for my next art project is a trip taken by two travelers, one a storyteller by nature, who is not normally a person of action, and one a person of action, who learns how to tell stories. … Continue reading

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I recently read a biography of Diane Arbus and read this great review of an exhibit of her early photos by Holland Cotter: Looking at her odd and challenging pictures reminds me that artists translate visual imagery and memories … Continue reading

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The Pebble

This short essay is the best piece I’ve read on philosophy of art in some time.  Rivka Glachen’s contribution bears reading more than once, and I reproduce it below in full. Is the idea of ‘art for art’s sake’ the … Continue reading

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Summer Gloom

I have never understood why some people fight off doom and gloom by embracing all things bright and beautiful while others go even darker as a way to work it out. I, of course, am one of the latter. This … Continue reading

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Out of the box

Cut paper artwork is much more interesting if you can get up close to it. Boxing it in with glass is seldom the best solution. Paper cuts made of heavy stock can stand upright as sculptures, but some of my … Continue reading

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Coloring community

2016 was the year of my first coloring calendar, “A Year Illuminated.” This was so much fun that I suspect I’ll do another one next year. I’ve finished coloring my own copy , and the experience was humbling.  Even though … Continue reading

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The Witching Hour

Here’s the URL for my latest exhibit: Here’s a PDF of a review that a friendly viewer posted on her blog: Lillian Trettin_art_Witches Wild Things review (please hit the “back” button after viewing PDF) And here’s how it came … Continue reading

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