About Obidisms

Words from the Otherworldly South

Let’s say you are someone who loves the coastal Lowcountry of South Carolina and the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina–you can hardly decide which is the cake and which is the icing, they are that good. Someone gives you a pass to visit these places in parallel realities, and you can go back and forth between them.  You might be dubious, or excited, perhaps even a little scared. You might expect to find some things familiar and some things radically different, and this experience might unsettle your received wisdom about these places you thought you knew so well.

Welcome to my Southern World of Obid. In 2021, I’ve moved on from my original world-building project that resulted in an illustrated book, “The Obidian Interval,” but I still often find myself in an alternative reality so “Obidisms” is still relevant:

The purpose of “Obidisms” is to create just this effect: to unsettle you but also to charm you into believing (this is The South, afterall).

I’ve discontinued ObidArt.com in 2021, but here is a pdf with imagery from that project. Click here: ObidArt

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